Am I Too Old for this Shit?

The MTV Video Music Awards are on television tonight, and while I haven’t watched MTV since the last VMAs (if then…) I know of at least a few performers (hello Lady GaGa and Katy Perry) and this one sounds like it may be a good one. If the on-again-off-again-on-again reunion of ‘NSync proves on-again, well, it will be worth the watching. Besides, I’m not quite ready to cede the pop culture arena to the young in age. Someone told me that 38 is the new 18, and I’m holding to that math. (Should I not be having this cocktail then?)

In honor of tonight’s broadcast, I present the single greatest VMA performance EVER. You-know-who doing what she does best (and I don’t mean lip-syncing, haters). Watch to the very end, because that is how you make an exit.

Incidentally, if the mood hits me, and the ambition goes up a notch or two, I may include some live commentary on the show, right here on this blog and in this post. It will be below, so check back if so inclined. (I’ll be doing so on Twitter and FaceBook as well, but don’t expect an Instagram of my post-birthday ass anytime soon.)

[Amazing Madonna image from Pud Whacker’s Madonna Scrapbook]

 Thoughts on the 2013 MTV VMAs:

Hold up, is Taylor Swift dating Selena Gomez now? Damn, that girl will not quit!

Whoa Miley Cyrus. I hope to God you’re dancing with molly, because there’s no other excuse.

Robin Thicke, not even I would wear that suit… Okay, I would. Now you think about that.

Kanye West – If we can just distort our voices to the point where they’re unrecognizable, I’ll take a couple million & vocoder myself.

Confession: I am one half of Daft Punk. (The shorter half.)

Can Justin Timberlake save this VMAs? Not on an escalator…

Okay, I stand schooled by Master Timberlake. Amazing dancing, live singing, and pure show-stopping showmanship.

And… ‘NSync has been dismissed.

Taylor Swift, you slept with the camera person too, didn’t you?

And now the VMAs can return to sucking… Come back Justin Timberlake!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis simply rock. And Jennifer Hudson too! That was cool. (Yeah, I’m biased.)

Am I the only one who hasn’t heard of Austin Mahone until tonight?

From the best performance of the night to a vaguely Amish feel, Justin Timberlake can do it all.

Why is Joseph Gordon-Levitt being so weird?

I was never a big Katy Perry fan, and those boxer shorts only serve to re-enforce this.

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