A Pre-Virginity Romp

It was the song that started it all, and the album that launched her into the stratosphere. Tomorrow, the Madonna Timeline returns with one of her most iconic songs, ‘Like a Virgin.’ In addition to it being her birthday, it’s going to be an entire day of Madonna. Oddly enough, ‘Like A Virgin’ was never one of my favorite Madonna songs, and the album has lost a bit of its 80’s luster over the years. Still, nostalgia is a powerful force, and every time she performs the song it has an effect on me. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sexy, and sometimes it’s sad. That’s the mark of an enduring song, and an enduring artist.

As for her birthday celebration, it will mostly be a social media event. I tend to post a song lyric every hour or so, infuriating some FaceBook friends and exasperating some Twitter followers. No word on whether her celebration will leak over onto Instagram. Only one way to find out.

Are you ready to make it through the wilderness? Somehow we’ll make it through…

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