A Tour, and Body, Laid Bare

The Delusional Grandeur Tour may be even more delusional than originally thought, as my traveling seems to have diminished greatly. When you only have to step out your back door to an 87-degree pool, and back inside to a cool 70-degree house, travel seems largely unappealing. That said, I still enjoy a jaunt out of town, and this tour is still in full-effect until I say it isn’t. Hence this bonus tour post, which recalls the Hotel portion of the Tour book. Rather than trouble you with further discussion, here are a few links to bring you back to one of my favorite hobbies: staying in hotels.

“I’m more at home with my backpack, sleeping in a hotel room or on a bus or on an airplane. Than I am necessarily on a bed. It’s weird being here. It feels like I’m standing next to my real life.” ~ Henry Rollins

There’s a distinctive shift that comes over me when I’m in a hotel room. A sense of safety in anonymity, the possibility of being unknown and untouchable. Ensconced in a lofty space high above a city, or on the ground floor of some seaside retreat, I find comfort in being a transient stranger.

We are all known in our own circles, and that can be incredibly wearying.

As much as we strive to be known, to be recognized, to be seen, we sometimes forget that it comes with its own set of burdens and responsibilities.

I long for a different kind of freedom, something that can only be found when you go away.

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