The Moon in June

While May will always hold a special place in my heart, it’s June where the real celebration of summer begins in earnest. I still recall the thrill when my last final was completed, and I walked into the backyard, into freedom, and threw my pencils in the air like Mary Tyler Moore’s hat. (And they say we are forgetting our gay history…!) Here’s to June, with a look back at that glorious month:

First and foremost, June is about Pride. Pride in your marriage. And pride in the parade. Every parade.

It’s a time for family fun. Or family mayhem. When the sun is high in the sky, and the promise of the season extends beyond the day, it’s hard not to feel like a kid again.

The fragrances are lighter and sweeter, if slightly more fleeting, echoing the peonies and mockorange shrubs, such as in this evanescent neroli.

Summer is the time to dance and sing, get up and do your thing.

It’s the time to don a Speedo. Especially if you’re Tom Daley. Or one of these guys.

It’s the time to stay up until the break of dawn, listening to a song like this, marveling at the world, at the morning, at the first light, or the last.

It’s the time to be ruthless, to be delicate, to be resilient, to be ravenous, to be hopeful, and to be remembered.

June ~ the summer sun, the vacations, and the eyes of the wolf.

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