The Fall Party Returns, With A New Baby

This year marked the return of my friend JoAnn’s Fall Party tradition. From the vines of bittersweet to the candy corn and Dickens Cider, it was a throwback to the parties of yesteryear on the Cape. The location was Quincy (not the easiest of destinations with a broken-down Red Line, but nothing a $40 cab ride couldn’t fix) and the day dawned perfectly – sunny and bright, though the evening quickly turned brisk and cool. Ideal Fall Party weather for a fire.
The main event was the debut of Baby Brandon – the new addition to Wally and Carolyn’s family. He showed up with a full head of dark hair, eyes mesmerized by the firelight, and a smile for his Aunt JoAnn. Another beautifully-behaved baby (of course I high-tailed it away whenever the threat of a crying fit surfaced, which wasn’t that often) Brandon joins the ever-growing group of babies that has infiltrated my life in ways I never previously thought possible.
As JoAnn said, it was a new time. Things had indeed changed, as they always would, but true friendships remained the same. There was solace to be found in that. Hope, too.
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