The Elusive Midday Post Returns

My recent FaceBook debacle has resolved itself, but left a very sour taste in my mouth for that whole site. If my account can simply be deactivated because someone says they’re me, then what is the point? The person who was actually using my photos for his profile has been reported by numerous friends of mine, and his accounts are still active, so there is seemingly no justice on FaceBook, but I’ve known that for some time. And speaking of time, that’s exactly what FaceBook has been taking from me for all these years, and only after being deactivated did I realize how much time I was actually giving up – time that could have been used for a third post each day.

In the last couple of years I’ve gotten into a lazy two-post-a-day schedule (except on weekends, when I usually muster three). I’d like to try to return to the three-post-a-day timetable, which means a midday addition that will be light on content and substance, but still substantial enough to merit existence. These may largely be photo posts with little writing, or whimsical videos or silly GIFs that I find entertaining or enlightening. It might be a simple link to something of interest to me, or a quote that I find inspiring. Nothing too strenuous, nothing too deep – just a break for breaking the hump of the day. Like this entry here. Consider this day’s hump broken, and carry on. Cheers for three.

PS – This is, as everything on this site is, subject to change. My focus has been shifting to non-online interests, and I’ve been happier with inhabiting the real world lately. I’ll do my best.

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