The Birthday Girl

Today is Suzie’s birthday, and after Andy she’s probably the person I get asked about the most, based on what I write in this blog, and put up on FaceBook or Twitter or Instagram. I like that, the way that the people who are most important to me have become a cast of characters that other people care enough to inquire about.  As for Miss Thang, she will likely be spending her special day working and taking care of the family as per usual (we will have celebrated in NY at dinner and an Imelda Marcos musical by the time this gets posted.) Whenever I start complaining about how much I have to do or wonder where I’m going to find the time to do it, I think of Suzie and instantly shut the hell up.

She’ll be moving out of Brooklyn this month, which is something she’s been waiting and wanting to do for a while, but without a definitive plan or destination in mind, she and the family will probably be staying with her Mom for a while. Selfishly, I’m a little excited, as we haven’t lived this close to each other since the 90’s.

Happy Birthday, Suzie! Here’s to fried clams, Mary Poppins, grape taffy, red lobsters, ham-bone, and Pinocchio. (I only really remember five of those references… what was ham-bone again?)

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