Soon To Be Under Construction


Tonight I am planning on revamping this website with the indispensable aid of Webmaster Skip. Actually, he’ll likely be the one at the helm, with me dangling precariously off the back end trying frantically to keep up. It’s an update that’s long over-due, as this website is operating on an antiquated platform, with a WordPress theme that went hopelessly out of date several years ago. That means it’s a big change, and one that will probably knock it out of commission for a day or two. I invite you to come back in a few to check the progress.

This will be a giant learning curve for me, but rather than try to perfect it behind the scenes first, I’m going to do it all out in the open, bringing you along for the ride. That means you get to see all the mess-ups and mistakes, and I get to act like a less-than-perfect human being for once. Everybody wins. Stay tuned… and wish us luck. Lots of it…


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