Amber Waves of Vain


With a birthday coming up (hint, hint) I’ve narrowed gift selections down to the last Private Blend of Tom Ford’s that I’m exceptionally keen on ~ Amber Absolute. This may be in the nick of time, as there have been rumblings that Amber Absolute may be discontinued any day now. It’s a very special scent, designed for mid to late Fall, and it brings back happy memories. I last wore it on the evening I received my Volunteer of the Year Award from the Capital Pride Center last Fall. That small sample vial is all but fading now.

Cue the birthday violins.

Strangely enough, Amber Absolute was one of the first Tom Ford Private Blends that I instantly adored. For some reason, flashier or trendier ones usurped its choice (Santal Blush, Lavender Palm) or a good find on a discontinued classic took its place (Japon Noir) and most recently the spring-summer season was wrong for anything other than Neroli Portofino. Now, at long last, it may be Amber’s time.

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