Not Quite Shiny & New

But not quite dilapidated and old yet. The resurrecting of former posts is a thing I usually save for year-end recaps or anniversaries, but when feeling under the weather, I occasionally delve into nostalgia, or simply scrape the barrel to find scraps of things that together will assemble into a proper post when I’m too light-headed and delirious to do it the right way. Hence this smorgasbord of previous posts, assembled and conveniently hyper-high-lighted to give you access to posts that otherwise may have gone mercifully unnoticed prior to this. It appears my sentences get longer and more convoluted as this post goes on, twisting and turning into… oh blah, blah, blah. Here, read some things that may make more sense:

Like the First Time I Kissed a Man

Or the Madonna Timeline of the earliest of Spring

And one of the first letters I wrote to my niece & nephew

Long before Madonna got spanked by Instagram, I got spanked by FaceBook

And an Ilagan tradition, that was supposed to be just between brothers.

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