Wilde Inspiration

The act of creating art is an act of violence – it is the willful destruction of nothingness. All true art is violence. Are all acts of violence art? No. of course not. Some acts of violence are. But for the inartistic, the creation of violence is usually a crude substitute for the creation of art. Violence is usually not art because it merely destroys one form of nothingness and replaces it with another. True art always fills the void. ~ Louis Edwards, ‘Oscar Wilde Discovers America’

Man wants to create art. For some, as I’ve stated, violence serves as an alternative. So any place where one finds a dearth of art, one will surely find a wealth of actual physical violence. ~ Louis Edwards, ‘Oscar Wilde Discovers America’

I shall seek to regain your attentiveness. I shall give you something new. Maybe not today – but soon. Don’t you give up on me just yet. Keep listening. And I shall find a way to win you back. ~ Louis Edwards, ‘Oscar Wilde Discovers America’

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