Last Recap of June

Closing out this first full week of summer, let’s do a quick recap before we head into the high summer holiday week ahead. June has its enchantments, but July is when things really start to heat up. For now, let’s bask in the heat of what just came before.

To get things racing, we begin with the parade of Hunks such as Kieron Richardson, Torben King, Thomas Rousseil, Ryan PaeveyTomáš Berdych & Tyler Hoechlin.

Before the recent Cape Cod family vacay gets posted in detail, this end teaser hinted at what you are about to see.

Between sun and shade in the garden thoroughfares of Boston.

Summer means Tom Daley stripping into a Speedo and Novak Djokovic stepping out in boxer briefs.

Better than drops of Jupiter?

At first I got kind of pissed at Grady Smith, then I got kind of sad, and then I just got over it.

The sweetest scent of summer may not belong to Tom Ford… but then again, it just may.

Flowers fit for a wedding cake in Boston.

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