On the Rocks in Ogunquit


As we cross the first sign that says ‘Beautiful Place By the Sea’, a calm comes over us, and everything we left behind stays behind until we cross the sign again. Ogunquit has become a place of refuge, a home-away-from-home where the baggage of real life can be forgotten for a few days. I’ve always found peace wherever the sea meets the land. There’s something about that line between two worlds that appeals to my love of transition. It’s the place where water and stone collide in ways that are beautiful and dangerous, peaceful and primal.

There are lessons to be gleaned from the shore of learning. The timing of the tide, the pull of the moon, the ever-lapping tongue of time licking our lives into submission. The power and might of a storm, the ceaseless wind, the salty erosion. It is the perfect place to cull a sense of humility, for we are all at the mercy of something greater than ourselves. There is comfort here as well – in the shaded spaces between rocks, the tiny tidal pools that protect a few lucky sea creatures until the return of life-giving water, or the quiet sunrise that sets another day in motion. Looking out over the expanse of the ocean, it is impossible to feel very big about yourself. There is nothing more grounding than the shoreline. It will always be a balm upon the heart.

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