Golden Boy: Vintage

It’s not often that I look back at old photo albums. That can be a very dangerous thing to do. I’m fortunate in that, for all my many failings, living in the past is not one of them. Yet every once in a  while I’ll crack open a blast from the seemingly-distant past, and I’ll chuckle at the many foibles and stumbles I’ve made over the years. The beauty of life – and, more especially, time – is that it is the greatest instructor. Mostly of what not to do. (And what not to wear. Ever again.)

In 1997, however, I was embroiled in ‘The Royal Rainbow Tour’ and its none-so-subtle-and-cringeworthy subtitle ‘Alan Is King!’ – and don’t you dare omit the exclamation point. The photos here were taken on one of the plentiful Ithaca stops, where – thanks to Suzie – I met a great group of friends, to whom I remain close to this very day.

As for my outfit, and this is where a certain distance comes in handy (I was a different person then, I swear…) I was on tour. I wanted to be golden, I wanted to be sparkly, I wanted to be a genie manifested to grant your every wish. And for that brief moment of time – in that sensational sliver of youth – I believed I was.

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