Falling into November

nov fall 1401

When October goes… well, it’s too late for when, as it’s already gone. In its place is November. In many ways, it is one of the cruelest months, portending the winter to come, but somewhat mollified by the arrival of Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Before that, though, the leaves must be ripped from the trees. This month marks the arrival of early nights and gray days, cold rains and colder winds. I’m not sure I’m ready for that, but there’s no choice.

One last look at what has come before, as seen in these photos, showing the spectacular foliage on a venerable maple tree. This year the trees held onto their carriage longer than usual, and for that I’m grateful. We’ve also been granted a spell of warmer days in the past month that has eased the shift deeper into fall. Of late, however, the customary rains of the season have returned, and with them the cooler temperatures. Another November is upon us. The month of gray is also the month of gratitude.

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