Fall Faux-Holiday Recap

We don’t celebrate Columbus Day much in these parts, other than for the day off from work. Instead, we celebrate the here and now, except in posts like this, when we celebrate the week that came before. We are scheduled to be getting back from our annual fall trip to Ogunquit, so this recap is a welcome moment of pause. 

It began in the shadows of the past. Most things do. 

Never trust a Starbucks in a Price Chopper

The sun also rises

Vanity, crushed by morning light

Spiky in scarlet.

Another Alan gets naked

Rainbow tie magic.

Dawson spanks his ass.

Those “things we’d never do again…?” You know she’s singing about anal.

The Hunks were back in full effect with shirtless and pants-less shenanigans from the likes of Troye Sivan, Vernon DavisDavood GhadamiRikk York, and Colby Jansen.

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