Break It Off

I’ve taken mini social media breaks before, and one big happy blogging break last summer, and I find myself contemplating similar motions of late. It’s just too upsetting and bothersome sometimes, and at such times it’s good to be reminded that this is all a choice. I’ve long maintained that social media is what you make of it. It doesn’t so much create you as reflect an abstract notion of who you are. If you keep it light and not too serious, it can be a fun and enjoyable way to pass time. 

Yet I find myself being drawn into the toxic tweets and Facebook fights and it’s bleeding into my real life because when you are subjected to so much of it how can it not? That’s when I knew it was time to pull back. 

With all the Net Neutrality nonsense swirling around, the idea that we may have to pay for Facebook or Twitter or Instagram may be a silver-lined cloud. I don’t intend to pay for any of that nonsense, and if suddenly we had to it would be the ultimate sign to let it all go. I’m cool with that, despite what my outsize social media presence might convey. 

Those who know me and know me well realize it’s the truth. My real life happens offline, every moment, every day, and it’s so much richer and more fascinating and exciting than anything I could type or try to describe in photos or blog posts or a mother-fucking tweet. 

The point here is that if suddenly I decide to disappear on any of those social media platforms or this blog itself, fear not. I’ll still be living and creating and loving – and if you’re part of my world you’ll know how to reach me. 

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