Birthday Prep


You have exactly one week before my birthday arrives. Hopefully you’ve already picked out your gifts. (And remember, the Tom Ford Rive d’Ambre has already been procured, and I’ve excised the two Hermes selections from the list as they were not quite what I expected. In fact, there’s only one Tom Ford scent I want (and I want it really badly): Plum Japonais. As for birthday plans, I finally have one. Initially, I wanted to fly West – it’s been a few years since I’ve been to San Francisco, so that was my first choice. I also considered San Diego and Seattle, since I haven’t been to either since the 90′s. In the end, though, costs proved prohibitive. And since we did the Boston/Provincetown trip for last year’s birthday, I’m keeping it simple and close to home. Not every year can be a banner year, and quiet birthdays are sometimes more sweet. Especially when Tom Ford is involved.

As for the actual plans, I’m thinking of heading to a garden, an outlet, and a dinner – and I’ll have the details and photos after it’s done. In the meantime, have a look back at last year’s birthday fun in Boston and Provincetown.

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