Voting For My Sanity


When I was a kid, I was raised as a Republican. Well, actually, I was raised as an Independent, but my parents voted uniformly along the Republican line for fiscally conservative reasons, and it rubbed off on me. They were a different party then, and not the anti-gay, anti-women party of racist hate-mongers that they’ve become in recent years thanks to the hijacking by the Tea Party. Yet even if you believe in being fiscally conservative, the plans put forth by Mitt Romney (or not put forth as the case may be) are too scattered and frightening to convince me. Does Mitt Romney know how to run a multi-million dollar business and make a ton of money? Absolutely. Does he know how to run a middle-class home with an income far less than $200,000? Not in the least. (The fact that Paul Ryan will work to end Medicare and take away the choice of women, whether you want to face the fact or not, scares me even more.) For those reasons I will be voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. And for those uninformed idiots who want to claim that the Republican party is not anti-gay, I suggest you read the official Republican Party platform, in which it is written that they will do everything in their power to ban same-sex marriage. For a party that wants less government interference, they sure want to get the government involved in my love life at any cost. Regardless of finances and taxes, a vote for Romney is a vote against the love between Andy and I – against the love shared between two people who have been together for twelve years. Yes, it is that simple. It’s in the Republican platform, and there’s no way around it.

That said, because it is so personal, I am, from this point forward, going to have to emotionally remove myself from what happens, particularly if it goes the wrong way. (You may recall that someone already predicted this.) That would be an irrevocable blow to my sanity at this point (never something all that stable to begin with…) On election night, if we don’t have a clear indication of the winner by 8 PM (and we likely won’t), I am going to bed. I’ll read, I’ll listen to music, I’ll start writing out holiday cards, and I’ll say my prayers before going to sleep, but I won’t be anywhere near a television. In other words, it’s going to be just another Tuesday night at home. And, hopefully, some of my prayers will be answered.

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