Back-Aching Saturday Doldrums

saturday doldrums

For the second time this season, I’ve thrown out my back. (And yes, people, I will be going to the doctor to check it out – get off my back, you’re probably the reason it went out.) Because of that, and a possible test photo shoot for this year’s holiday card, today is going to be light on the blogging. No need for the heavy-duty tampon action on this night. (Oh yeah, I’ve got a muscle relaxant in me working its special brand of magic, so yee-haw mofos! Back that shit up.)

I will ask that you return here tomorrow morning, as there’s a pretty big post that’s pretty damn serious. If you like heroes and Mariah Carey and moon-lit nights, this is right up your anus. As for the holiday card, no hints except for this: I filmed an alibi video in the event that it’s needed. Yeah, it’s going to be one of those years. Make room on the fridge, kids. The time for sweetness has come to an end. Let it snow.

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