A Visit From the Cape Crew

Last weekend we had some friends from Cape Cod up for a little summer gathering. It began with a batch of lavender cocktails, moved into a decent rosé, and ended up with a bunch of daisy chains. We went easy on the first night – which may have been a first for us (some are still reeling from an Amber Jewel evening where we never quite moved beyond the living room for seven hours of emotional roller-coasters). This was a far cry from that, and a nice entry into the weekend.

Summer days with good friends – is there a more perfect balm upon any wound? JoAnn and Ali have been in our circle for years, and whenever they visit it’s like time spent with long-lost family. It’s easy and it clicks.

As dinner was done, and the day gave way to night, the backyard patio glowed with candlelight. Early August sometimes gets lost in the summer shuffle. We embraced the evening, the time together, and talked of things old and new.

The last full month of summer was upon us. It was in the air. A shimmering beauty drifted among the flickering candles, a night breeze carried over the pool. Colorful curtains billowed gently, offering hints of the garden growing dimmer.

We held onto it for as long as we could, before the mosquitoes pushed us inside and the night went black.

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