A Sore Recap

With burning throat, I will do my best to recap the past week in which sickness ravaged my middle-aged body. No one wants to hear about that, so I wrote a bunch of posts on it because that’s the miserable bitch I am when feeling unwell. You didn’t come here for compliments, did you?

It began with the proverbial entrance of March. ROAR!

Not all fantasies are sexual.

Bum-baring Happy Ass Wednesday.

In sickness

Gleeful quokka.

The anniversary of the greatest album Madonna has ever crafted.

Covered again.

Kinky & linky.

The greatest feud of them all.

The Hunks of the Day were represented by Will Helm, Amini FonuaDima Gornovskyi, Alan Valdez, Jordan Woods and Casey Conway.

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