A Recap & A Mushroom Cap

Big changes are afoot here (well, in my life, which will translate to this blog) but more on that later. Let’s just say this will be a spring of new experiences all around, and there won’t be much looking back. Except for Monday mornings. Here we go again…

Last week Harry Judd got naked again for Attitude magazine’s 20th anniversary special (providing these two new luscious shots,) while David Beckham debuted a rather lack-luster swimwear line.

I finally posted a full-frontal shot, followed quickly by an almost-full-frontal shot. Not sure which was less well-received.

Lest you think it was all hard and edgy, things got soft and sweet with some under-the-table action, some statuesque poses, and some lotion-rubbing antics.

For some reason, this sort of flashing always makes me wet in the face.

Justin Timberlake grabbed his crotch ~ truly, madly, and deeply.

Meanwhile, I put my cock in a sock and recorded the moment for posterity.

Madonna has a way of waking me up, even when it’s not over.

One constant that will remain is the Hunk of the Day, probably the most popular almost-daily feature here. Most recently we’ve featured the pervy nude male celeb shots of Chris Meloni, James Van Der BeekBen Elliott, Richie Kul, Corey Stoll, Paul Vandervort, and Drew Pare.

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