A Rainbow Recap

It was a week in which the Supreme Court ended our heretofore-lifelong battle for marriage equality, and for that I am supremely grateful. Strange that I should be so appreciative of a right that should have been ours from the beginning, but I guess that’s the strange jubilation that arrives when justice is delivered. I’m far too cynical and smart to think this is going to change the minds of ignorant homophobic assholes, but it’s a beginning. And though it doesn’t change my love, nor my five-year-old marriage, it does galvanize it in some way, because it is now recognized throughout the country. Thank you to the five Supreme Court justices that saw fit to grant all of us our dignity. (I’ll deal with the four disgraces who were against equality another time.)

The growing season at its start is the best part.

Music to the eyes and ears was provided by Hunk of the Day Chris Botti.

Proving that his new guardian still has impeccable taste, the guy that Madonna featured in her latest video is Jon Kortajarena.

The lazy season is underway.

Fashion spunk of the highest order was brought to life by Kyle Brincefield.

So pretty I could eat it up.

Broadway Barer Casey Lee Ross, in the bare.

Flowers came in magenta, white, and sundrop yellow.

Making a mockery of it all.

Luke Casey was such a hit his first time around as Hunk of the Day, he’s already earned his second.

These guys have also been honored previously, but one can never have enough nude Adam Levine.

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