A Night In, In Boston


When fall arrives, and the nights turn chilly, I don’t mind staying at the condo in Boston and cooking for a friend or two. This past weekend I had Kira over, and we had a tamarind fish curry dish (my new obsession), with steamed rice, and sautéed spinach in a black garlic bean sauce. We lit a few candles, opened a bottle of Riesling, and had more fun than had we gone out and spent the better part of a Franklin.

Time with Kira is always relaxing (you can tell – she’s the one who took the first photo here: one of the more unguarded photos taken of me in a moment of sheer giddiness). We talked of the past, of the future, of fun things and serious issues, and lots and lots of silly nonsense – the stuff that friends talk about that means nothing and everything at once.

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