A 21st Century Renaissance Man

A bit of the Artist has to die with everything we create.
A bit of the Artist is always sacrificed.
There is no way around this.
And what is left behind?
If we’re smart we have carved out a place of loved ones and family that provides a foundation for our flights of artistic fancy, a haven and a home in which we can find shelter and relief from the maelstroms we occasionally conjure.

The tenth anniversary celebration of this website continues, with a spotlight on the 2010 ProjectA 21st Century Renaissance: The Resurrection Tour‘. The delusional flights of fancy that constitute this penultimate tour of mine (the next one, in 2015, will be my last) found fruition in this collection of photographs and writing. The plot, what there was of it, loosely used a renaissance and blending of the arts, religion, and science (I even did up a Periodic Table of Emotions). It was inspired by the elements, the earth, and the spirit, and I very much wanted the feel to be epic – in the expansive depths of the ocean, the limitless rise of the sky, the impenetrable plane of the bedrock. It was a re-connection to nature in many ways, both subtle and extreme, and I’ve always found my greatest inspiration in the sea, the flowers, and the light. Accents of religion dot the landscape as well ~ the stained-glass windows of churches, the collection of crucifixes, the parchment background and the floating cherubs of the title pages.

This was mostly a visual endeavor, with the power and potency of the proceedings coming directly from the photography. There really is no plot, no narrative drive of something like ‘The Circus Project‘, and no single-note theme like ‘StoneLight‘. Instead, it’s a rather eclectic mix of images, some jarring, some soft, some just right.

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