Night & Departure

We’ll go back step by step for this latest trip to Boston, beginning with this morning’s departure, as seen below, and the night before, as seen above. You can’t hear the wind that was whipping about in the background here, nor see the curtains billowing from said wind. It was a cold night, but I managed to keep warm.

One of the nice things of staying alone in the condo (or unsettling for those unsettled by silence) is the quiet afforded there. It’s a quiet that can be created almost anywhere, if you know how to silence the distractions. I leave the television and stereo off, and listen to the creaking of the floor, the chiming of a lamp shade pull, the rushing of the wind. A whole other world opens up when you start listening to the quiet.

In the magical time when the sky turns that deep blue at both the beginning and the end of the night, there is a moment of transition ~ the moment of the turn ~ when I look back and ahead. It’s the same sort of thing that happens at the start and finish of a weekend away.

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