Vying for the Title of Mr. Gay World

Following-up on recent Hunk of the Day Damien Rodgers, this post illuminates that behind the fierce body is a compelling bit of motivation and purpose. As previously mentioned, Damien Rodgers is representing the United States in a bid for Mr. Gay World. (And I thought Best Dressed Man of the Capital Region was a lofty goal.) Mr. Rodgers has grander notions than simply looking fine and fit; he is out to change the world with such aspirations as fighting for human rights in all regions of the world.

Rather than put my words into his mouth, however, here’s an excerpt from the press release delineating his hopes:

By seeking the Mr. Gay World title, Mr. Rodgers wants to become a global ambassador for LGBT rights. Already an active voice for the LGBT community and HIV awareness here in the United States, the 2014 Mr. Gay USA winner hopes to join the previous world title holders from Ireland, South Africa, and New Zealand as role models for young gay men everywhere. “My ultimate goal is to add LGBT+ history and information into the educational system for the advancement and understanding of the community as a whole,” says Mr. Rodgers. “I want to match available resources with the needs in the global community, and make sure that my LGBT brothers and sisters don’t have to hide in the shadows and fear for their lives just to be who they are.”

If you’d like to lend your support for Damien, and our fine country, please visit this site and scroll down to vote for the U.S.A. (You can vote once every 24 hours until August 30.)

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