Nature’s Breakfast Butter


Andy may be the best at making an omelet, pancakes, French toast, and any number of breakfast foods (which he doesn’t usually eat), but I’m the one who knows how to poach eggs. And assemble them nicely on a toasted slice of whole wheat bread, a bed of avocados, and some arugula. Hence this simple but surprisingly fancy bit of breakfast.

I buttered the toast, and added some salt and pepper to the top, but mostly this dish relies on the freshness of the ingredients, and the golden runny egg yolk, for its flavor. My favorite part is the avocado – a few slices of nature’s butter make all the difference. (Avocado hints: rub the skin with lemon to stop it from turning brown, and if you want to save half of it for a later time, leave the inner pit intact and refrigerate.)

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