Silk Flower, Silk Tie

The pairing was perfect.

The color divine.

The evening, a mystery.

We were there to see the Queen, but we didn’t dare approach. Instead, we wound our way through a series of rooms and scenes where decadence bordered on debauchery, and the impending holiday season lent everything an additional sparkle. Anticipation is the greatest accessory of them all.

A woman draped only by the bubbles of a bath asked to play ‘I Spy’ with me, and said she spied something RED. I meekly answered, “Is it your heart?” She shook her head no, until I found the shot perched on the wall. The blood-red elixir of life.

Shades of vermillion and magenta, all bleeding into a tuxedo the blackest of night.

A pop of passion in a world of gray.

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