Saving the Drama for My Mama

This morning, Mom and I board the train to New York for a weekend of theater – ‘Mothers and Sons’ and ‘Hedwig & the Angry Inch’ – and perhaps a surprise thrown in for Mother’s Day measure. We will also be having dinner with Suzie, whom I haven’t seen since Thanksgiving last year (how in the hell did that happen?) Those dinners are sometimes more fun than any musical, and occasionally just as dramatic (topic-wise, not in antics – we’re mostly adults now.)

Last year some highlights included a trip to Bloomingdales and a lunch at the Four Seasons, as well as cocktails at The Lambs Club. While the shows are the main impetus for these trips, it’s the incidental in-between time that sometimes becomes more memorable. I wasn’t expecting the Bloomingdales adventure, for instance, nor did I have any clue that The Lambs Club was such a nifty little oasis in the midst of the annoying insanity of Times Square.

What unexpected delights await us this year? We will find out this weekend…

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