So-So Saffron

010515 059

Bundled into a Jo Malone gift scent set that Andy got me for Christmas was the ‘Saffron’ scent pictured here (coupled, rather unimaginatively, with a jar of that pricey spice.) While the allure of saffron has thus far eluded me – both in taste and fragrance – I’ve seen some gorgeous work using it, particularly under Frederick Malle’s oversight, so I eagerly sprayed it on and waited for the magic to begin.

The best part is the first part. Opening with a strong saffron scent infused with leather, it’s a warm beginning, perfect for this time of the year. The leather adds a necessary gravitas that prevents this from becoming some incidental culinary concoction. Once it fades, however, we veer straight into the kitchen with a lingering dry-down of vanilla (the bane of my existence.) For this reason, I’m not a biggest fan. It does, as part of the intense cologne line, have a bit more staying power than much of Jo Malone’s offerings, but if it’s just going to be vanilla that stays, I’d rather the whole thing depart. This is one combination that’s better going into the stomach than onto the skin.

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