Of Fruit & Fragrance

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Behold the pomegranate. I never really noticed any prominent scent from it (and I’ve done my share of de-seeding them in recent months) but the notion forms the base of Jo Malone’s ‘Pomegranate Noir’ fragrance. I have a feeling the House of Malone used the name for its image and connotation rather than any inherent perfume from its fruit, but when the resulting concoction is this good, it doesn’t really matter.

This scent is one of Malone’s stronger creations – far more substantial than the light wisps of beauty she usually conjures. That said, it’s still somewhat fleeting, requiring repeated applications, or a base of accompanying lotion to boost the lasting power. It’s gorgeous though – more rounded and fruity than I traditionally wear, but perfect for the holidays. I’m also enamored of the way the fruitiness subdues the noir aspects (I’m not a noir fan when it comes to colognes – even Tom Ford’s ‘Noir’ doesn’t impress me much).

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