Future Dinner Party

Somehow we have twisted fate into finding an agreeable dinner date for a gathering with four of my favorite people, and I’m about to begin planning an adults-only dinner with a Gold Rim theme. (Everybody wants to go for the obvious rim-job reference, but it’s really just based on the cocktail glasses you see here. Sickos.)

For a Gold Rim glass, one needs a proper gold-themed cocktail to go with it. This is a perfect match:


1 ½ oz. Bourbon (Black Maple Hill)
1 ½ oz. ginger liqueur (Canton)
½ oz. fresh lemon juice
Serve with citrus twist.

We’ll also have sidecars on hand, and lots of gold, including a new pair of curtains I bought specifically for the season. Yes, I’m that anal. It’s a Gold Rim party. What did you expect? The only question is which Tom Ford Private Blend best goes with gold. I’m torn between Amber Absolute and Rive d’Ambre. A delicious dilemma. 

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