Art & Magic

Look closer.

What was that tagline from? No, really, I cannot remember.

It was the tag line to something.

American Beauty’?

Oh well, it doesn’t much matter, but it’s quite befitting this post, whereby we see what happens when art and nature and some optical tricks conspire to conjure the ‘painting’ you see here. It’s actually not a painting or even a photograph (well, it is now, but you get the point). It’s a collection of cut flowers, displayed behind a frame at varying distances to give the illusion of being a very life-life painting. A living testament to the power of the frame.

I live for things like this: the way that art can be a certain kind of magic ~ the tricks it can play on the senses, the witchcraft it can work on traditional assumptions, the surprise and delight it can elicit from the droll sleight of hand or eyes or nose. Some of us just like to be fooled. It jolts the expected, sparking the exquisite conundrum of questioning what we think we know, and what we most want to assume. It wakes you up when you don’t even realize you’re asleep.

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