A Car Radio Show

Today Andy is headed back on the air for a bonus radio show on his favorite topic: cars and automobiles. After the usual 10 AM -2 PM airing of HomoRadio, tune in to WRPI 91.5 FM until 5 PM or so to hear Dr. Ray Werking, Sean McLaughlin and Andy discussing all things related to vintage cars and the like. The last time he did a five hour stretch or so on the radio, it was actually much mor interesting, and enlightening, than I anticipated, so I look forward to more of the same. You should too.

(As per usual, I have but one Madonna request – ‘Body Shop‘ – her only car-themed tune in three decades of great songs.)

Pictured is a 1976 MGB convertible, courtesy of Andy’s historical record of all the cars he’s ever owned.


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