A Surprise Trip to Washington

If all goes according to plan (and assuming a winter storm hasn’t dashed all my plans as it did for a Miami trip several years ago), I should be in Washington, DC at the time of this posting. (If it hasn’t gone according to plan, I’ll have to quickly put this post into the ‘Drafts’ folder and hold onto it for another time.) The reason I haven’t written about this excursion to DC is because I’m hoping to surprise my friend Chris, whom I haven’t seen in about a year. With the help of his girlfriend, we’re hoping to pull the old Las Vegas switcheroo and shock him at dinner. Depending on whether my flight gets in, and Darcey and I can pull this off, it should be a fun time.

When plotting out possible events for the weekend, I told Darcey that my only real goal this time around was to stop by the Botanical Gardens, because I need a dose of tropical greenery, a quick piece of tranquility in this blustery season. Last year when I was in DC, it was brutally cold, and I’m not expecting much of a difference this time. It will take another month or two before it starts feeling Spring-like, and while patient folks may have waited until then to make the trip, I just couldn’t. It’s been too long.

So here I am, writing this in hopeful anticipation that I make it down there, thinking good thoughts and praying that Mother Nature will be kind. It would be good to see my old friends again…

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