A Place for Misfit Photos

Here are a few photographs that I took when in Falmouth, MA this past weekend. They are rather unrelated, to each other, and to anything else I had on deck. Since they didn’t fit into any other place, I’ve assembled them here in a Post for Misfit Photos. In many ways, this is sort of where my brain has been of late too, so the haphazard collection is indicative of a scrambled mind I’m trying to make into something sensible. The feature pic is of a quahog. Pronounced ‘ko-hog’, these are big clams that are stuffed with a traditional stuffing and clam mix, then served with some lemon wedges, hot pepper sauce, and clarified butter. Like oysters, it’s the accompaniment that makes the whole thing for me.

The second photo is of a sign and sentiment that I hold near and dear to my heart. I’m not saying that it’s right or fair or the way the world should be, but it is largely true. Appearance does matter, and sometimes the clothes do make the man. The third photo, below, was just something that struck me as slightly suggestive. It’s a gnarled juniper hanging over the sidewalk along Main Street. Something about its curves and crevices lends it an erotic aspect.

The fourth and final photo is simply the sun peering through a tree still holding on to its leaves. In the evidence of its brilliance…

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