Jason Statham, Shirtless by Request

12 Jason Statham shirtless1

It’s a Saturday of requests, and up next (and probably last, as I’m beat) is Jason Statham. My friend JoAnn will be glad to see Mr. Statham has returned to this blog in all his shirtless glory. For some reason, she wants to have all his love children, minus the children part. I don’t quite see the appeal here, but there are many who do, so this is for you.

Why is it that those who take up boxing are in the best shape? How does punching things work such wonders on the body? I wish I could get excited about it, but I just don’t think my knuckles can do that, and the idea of punching an inanimate object like a punching bag has always seemed the height of foolish pointlessness.

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