You’ll Feel It In My Kiss

Tonight, at 8 PM, the Madonna Timeline returns with a song from 1985. Back then I was not even ten years old, and just about to begin to come into the later years of childhood. That’s a very tender time for a kid: the verge of turning ten. It’s the first step to adulthood, and it was the first step in realizing attraction. Yet what I felt for other boys wasn’t physical – it was more than that – far more, for it really wasn’t physical at all. While I got along better with girls, boys were the ones for whom I felt a deeper affection.

On the radio, a new Madonna ballad played on the ‘Top Ten at Ten’ on Fly 92.3 FM. I’d lie in bed, looking up at the shadows on the ceiling, listen to her siren’s call, and wonder if what I was feeling was what she was singing about. I wanted to stare at someone through the smoky air, to feel so close but still a world away. I never wanted anyone like this, it’s all brand new…

Tonight, I’m crazy for you.


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