Retiring the Bedding


This Calvin Klein ‘Bamboo’ bedding has been employed on at least one of my beds since 2000. It is, in fact, even older than my relationship with Andy. As such, we’ve been through a lot together. For the last several years, it’s been living exclusively in Boston, taking pride of place in the condo bedroom, holding its own against changing furniture, changing lamps, and even a new headboard. But with the spring comes a fresh palette, and we’re going to switch things up with a new Marimekko duvet cover. (Not to worry, the headboard will still work splendidly. The dull raw umber hue was selected precisely for its ability to mesh well with almost any other color.)

For now, though, a moment of recognition and honor before we retire this bedding ensemble. If sheets could talk, well… we’d rip them to shreds.

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