The Battle of the Sofas

For many years, I’ve walked by and often stopped in Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams right on Columbus Ave. It was only a few blocks from our place, but eons beyond in style. It offered that unattainably gorgeous beauty seemingly found only in airy, well-lit showrooms, that always eluded me whenever I tried to recreate a look or match their effortless design. The same magical showroom properties were also in effect on the upper floors of Crate & Barrel on Boylston Street. The modern style and bold choices worked in that environment, but once again failed to translate into any DIY approximation I might attempt to create.

Gabriel II Sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Now, with the deterioration of our leather couch and the need for a new paint job (wall and ceiling) in our family room, it’s time for some new color, and a new couch. So, it all comes down to this, as I knew it would. In one corner we have the Gabriel II Sofa from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, and in the other corner we have the Petrie Sofa from Crate & Barrel. Both are slightly similar in style and function, but highly distinctive in presentation. The basic 60’s vibe is inherent in each, but the Gold + Williams version seems more substantial, a bit bulkier, and a little less elegant too. The Crate & Barrel sofa appears to offer more comfortable cushions, but less cozy arm rests. As for cost, one of the main determining factors in our furniture selection, the Gold + Williams sofa is just a few hundred more, but if shipped to New York from Boston it would be tax-free. In other words, it’s pretty much split perfectly down the middle, which for me is far from perfect because it leaves me without a clear decision. This may be left in the capable hands of Andy, because as much as I love doing the design stuff, he occasionally has a good idea – and when I’m torn he’s usually a good sounding board.

Petrie Sofa by Crate & Barrel

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