Imminent Destruction

 Next week marks the official start to our long-awaited kitchen renovation. I think it deserves its own category, but for now we’ll lump it into the Home Design section. (At least until I can bring myself to create a ‘Disaster’ category.) Trust me, I’m just as frightened of this whole situation as you are – probably more-so, but the end result will hopefully justify a few weeks (months?) of inconvenience. (Please God let it be so.)

In anticipatory preparation, I’ve set in place a few escape plans should this prove to be too much stress, too much disruption, or too much dust. As Andy seems unconcerned by things (with a blind faith that it will be done on time and on budget, despite my admonitions and pleas for a buffer zone on both accounts), I’ve not included him on these, though he’s always welcome join.

Option #1: Boston. And this is really where I intend to be on weekends and days off, as much as possible. When we lost heat for three days a few winters ago, after a tree came through our roof, I high-tailed it to the condo and had heat and hot water and a warm respite. This construction will prove no different.

Option #2: Amsterdam. Despite the encroachment of the twins, and my brother’s increasing destruction of my bathroom, I’ll still lay claim to my childhood bedroom (even if I won’t be living there full-time like him). It would also be nice to be home again at holiday time.

Option #3: Your place. Yes, that’s right, you. And you know who I’m talking to. If you’ve been to my home for the weekend you owe me. Payback’s a bitch. And so is your new guest. Roll out the red carpet, stock the bar, and pray for it to be quick.

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