A Kitchen in Progress: Orange Floors

The kitchen renovation, while somewhat annoying, has not (to date, knock on a boner) been the traumatic experience that some people warned us about. A few minor issues aside, we seem to be on track for the original schedule to unfold as planned. That alone is impressive and worthy of gratefulness – and don’t think we don’t appreciate it.

It’s also been surprisingly uneventful being without a kitchen. The absence of running water is mildly bothersome, but we managed to set up the refrigerator and microwave in the family room, and it turns out we do more take-out than I realized. Minor adjustments on all fronts.

In the early days of moving the window and re-doing the ceiling, there were a few moments of chilly weather that seeped into the place, and when the tile floor was initially laid down we couldn’t walk on it for a day and night (resulting in the strange set-up of having to walk outside to go to bed at night). But with some pre-planning and preparation even that wasn’t a big deal.

I will admit that I miss cooking. We had a snowstorm a few weeks ago and the only thing I wanted to do while cooped up all day was make a collection of comfort food. I’d grown accustomed to trying out new fish dishes and other meals, and there really isn’t a possibility for any kind of food preparation at this time.

Yet the pay-off will be well worth it, and we’re already starting to see the results. The wall I’d wanted gone for twelve years is now history. The dining room walls, and a bit of the kitchen, have been repainted for the first time in as many years as well. (A subtle shade of green called, quite unironically, ‘Quietude’.)

The orange floor you see here is actually the “membrane” that they use as the base to hold the plaster (at least I think that’s what it is – Andy lost me in the translation). For a moment I didn’t want to change it, but cooler heads and pre-ordered tiles prevailed.

Coming up next, the orange goes away, and the first hint of cabinetry appears…


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