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As a candelabra once sang, “Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest!” The Special Guest Blog feature that was implemented earlier this year has quickly become one of my favorite things about this blog. Part of it is due to the fact that I get a brief break in posting duties (I’m not getting paid for this, people) but mostly it’s because I get to inject a new perspective and a new voice into a blog that’s been saddled solely with my hubris for the past twelve years. (Yes, this website has been around since 2003. Do the math. I’m a dinosaur as far as personal (and most professional) websites go.)

Thus far we’ve heard from a doting father (and straight ally), my lifelong sister-figure, a pussy cat, an acerbic cook, and the woman who once funked out to ‘Freeway of Love’ with me in Rochester, NY. Tomorrow, we get a dose of academia and high-brow musical theory as my friend Dr. Abramo makes his debut here. What I’m looking for next is something to expand the voices heard in this space, which means going beyond my close circle of friends. (We’re reaching the limits of said circle, as it’s never been very big.) I’d like to open it up as a forum for anyone who has something to say – no matter how frivolous or superficial, no matter how probing and deep, no matter how unlikely or unexpected – I just want to hear and see something new. (And I like a Sunday morning break.)

This is where you come in – because I know the silent majority of readers is just that – silent. If you know someone who has a great story, or just wants to get something off their chest, send them this way. If you have something you’d like to share but up to now haven’t had the platform or outlet to do so, consider this space yours. Or if you just have a secret to confess, let this be your confessional. It’s not as private as a priest, but it’s a lot more fun. Send ideas and submissions to alanilagan1[@] Let your voice be heard!

(By the way, the following folks are especially encouraged to join this elite group: people I’ve lost touch with, people I’ve wronged, peopled I’ve loved, people I’ve hurt, people I’ve fucked, and people I’ve yet to meet. For example, the fabulously-attired and wonderfully-bespectacled gentleman from NYC seen below: Who is he? How did we come together in this photograph? Where can I get that jacket? These are questions that need explanations.)


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