A Gem Excavated from the Bowels of FaceBook

In preparation for tomorrow’s ‘Special Guest Blog‘ (by a real live pussy no less), here is a brief addendum to the guy and the post that started it all ~ Skip Montross. He kicked off the ‘Special Guest Blog’ feature that everyone seems to love (who knew it was such a relief not to be burdened by my trampy prose?) and when I saw this recent entry he posted on FaceBook I asked if I could put it up here as I needed a little pick-me-up. It gives an idea of the sort of person that Skip is, and why he’s such a valued friend. It’s also just a feel-good read that made me think about the things that really matter.

Mini Guest Blog by Skip Montross

Had one of those take stock of everything kind of life affirming moments this morning. As Sher was getting ready to leaving for work she noticed someone outside rummaging through our recyclables. It’s about 5 degrees outside and probably 20 below with the wind chill. She was a tiny old woman with a tiny shopping cart and a jacket that couldn’t possibly be keeping her warm enough.

I jumped up and did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I ran outside and yelled “Hey!”  When she looked at me I asked her if she was collecting bottles. When she said yes I told her to hold on. I ran back inside to my basement where I had three huge garbage bags filled to the brim with cans and bottles that I have been meaning to take back for some time. When I went outside I saw that she had already managed to pull her cart halfway up my driveway. When she saw my bags she welled up and said. “Oh my God.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”  Then she did something I didn’t expect. She gave me one of the most earnest and thankful hugs I’ve ever been given. I told her I had one more. When I came back out with my last bag she looked like she was crying and said thank you again a few more times. She spent the next 5 minutes in my driveway figuring out how to get this newfound treasure attached to her cart.

Altruism is something that should be private. You should give because it’s the right thing to do, not so that you can boast.  I’m not telling you this because it will make me seem like a better person than I really am. I am telling you this simply because of how great I feel right now. There were probably $10-$15 dollars worth of deposit returns in those bags. A trip to Dunkin Donuts for me but it meant the world to this frail old woman in my driveway. But that hug man… that hug was more payment than I could have ever imagined.

It was a reminder for me, and maybe now for you, that the smallest gestures can have the biggest impacts.  Do something nice for someone who can do nothing for you as often as you can and maybe you might just get a hug that reaffirms all the good that is still left in the world.

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