Trial By Jury Duty

I haven’t spoken in detail about my experience with jury duty because it was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in my life. Only now am I just beginning to attempt to process the extent of all that transpired. To that end, I’ve kept largely quiet as to what really went on, and how things played out. For me, it’s still raw, I’m still healing – and I don’t like to share things until I’ve figured out what it all means. But that day may never come, and holding things in has never worked well for me. Neither has burying feelings and emotions.

During the trial, I kept a journal of sorts, and after re-reading it I’ve decided to share a little of it on here (well, perhaps a lot). A word of warning: for the next week there will be nothing but jury diary posts in this space, with no gratuitous male nudity, no Madonna nip-slips, and not much fun after the first few entries of jury selection wardrobe nightmares. There will be no photos, no visual stimulation, just a vast bunch of prose capturing what I was feeling and going through at the time of the trial.

If you’re bored by legal talk, or by a case that has been tried and put to rest, circle back sometime next week when we’ll return to the mindless frivolity that occupies most of this site. If, however, you want to read something a little different from my usual posts, perhaps something a little deeper, settle in for a few wordy posts of my jury duty experience.

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