This Blog Makes It So Hard


Someone recently asked where they could find a post I wrote a few days ago. Initially I told them to scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter some keywords into the ‘Search’ box and see if the post came up. Then I realized that for anyone coming back here after some time away (you know you all need it) it’s rather difficult to find things from just two or three days ago (given the fact that the blog gets updated three times a day and only the four most recent posts get displayed on the front page). So for those who are good enough to not want to miss out on a moment of the madness, there is a way to slowly scroll back, post by painful post, if you follow these difficult directions. (This is the hard part of the post title.)

If you’ve reached the last featured post, go to the bottom left of the post and click on the ‘Continue reading’ option. It will bring you to what looks like the same page you were on, but if you scroll down on this page you should see another option for ‘Older posts’. I’m not sure why there’s that middle-man moment, but I’m too lazy to try to figure it out or change it up. Besides, only a select few will really feel the need to go scrolling back like that, but every once in a while a new visitor will come along, and want to see a bit more. If that’s you, welcome aboard, and scroll away! (And please don’t be a stranger.)

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