Things I Used to Hate, But Grew to Love

It’s almost Friday, I’m finishing up a vacation, and I have nothing left as far as creative juices go, so we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel and making a little list. If you have anything you’d like to add, well, let me know on FaceBook or Twitter, or show me on Instagram, and maybe I’ll do a follow-up. In the meantime, here is my little list of Things I Used to Hate, but Grew To Love:

* Lobster

* Fritos

* Pizza (yes, I used to hate pizza as a kid!)

* Meatloaf

* Blue cheese

* Alcohol

* The color teal (I blame an old set of kitchen cabinets)

* Dress shoes

* Ties

* Black and white movies


(I don’t dare do a list of Things I Used to Love, But Grew to Hate – some of you are probably on it.)

Happy (almost) Friday!

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