The Real Stars of ‘American Hustle’

When the weather turned dismal and dreary, and rain made walking in Boston a bit of a drag, I stopped in for an early showing of ‘American Hustle’. Despite getting some rave reviews, I was hesitant about it. The 70’s were never quite as glamorous as people always seem to want to make them out to be. Flared collars, polyester, John Travolta? No thanks. But after the first twenty minutes or so (which were almost unbearably dull to me), the story took over, the performances coalesced, and the rest of the ride was pretty impressive.

If I’m going to be completely honest, though, the real stars of the movie were as follows:

Amy Adams’ side-cleavage. Hello halters.

Bradley Cooper’s impossibly-tight perm. Hello poodle.

Christian Bale’s pot belly. Hello piggy.

Jennifer Lawrence’s lip-gloss. Hello sexy.

If any of those entities fails to win an award, it will be robbery. Sheer robbery.

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